Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So long, BB!

Whew, it's been a few weeks. Sorry peoples, couldn't help it. School has resumed again and work is there and trust me, it's not easy combining both full time. his is my last semester though so let's just get it over with. I'm taking one undergraduate class that's just retarded. It's called Principles of Financial Accounting. I don't need the class but it's a requirement and since I didn't do anything core business related in my undergrad, I didn't have to take it. My teacher sucks. She assigned like 40 questions as homework. #1, I haven't done homework in ages; I do projects and write papers. Then she turned and asked that we only submit like 10 questions. So why make me do 40 questions if you only need 10. Then she spent 2 hours of a 3 hour class reviewing the homework and then had to rush us for the next hour. What was all that rubbish? That's one reason why I don't miss undergrad work. My grad classes will be awesome.

So I introduced BB a while ago. BB was the second me that was out there. He didn't play nice with girls. He told it like it was, no sugar coating. He just wanted to play. In reality I am AA, quiet, easy going, nice and what not. I'm not going to describe myself. I'm invisible, you're not supposed to see or know me. When I needed a balance between the two people, I came up with AB. Nice and not so nice, quiet and not quiet.
So why did I bring up BB?? He's about to leave. He's been incognito for a while now. AA has been in control full swing and it's been wonderful. I didn't even notice that he was almost gone till buttercup mentioned it. (Hey B'cup!!!). It's not really because I re-met my friend but it really wasn't me. It was an attempt to break away from my norm, be wild and all that.
I'm still watching to see if I want to kill him off completely. I think I'll keep a bit of him though and stay as AB, that way, I can still get on the level when I need to be naughty. My naughtiness does not involve 3rd parties o. I can be naughty with one person, thank you.

Okay, I think I'm having writer's block. I was getting sleepy at work (so much for that diligence abi?) so I decided to write a bit.

If you look through my posts, you'll find a few rantings of BB but I doubt if I'll be making anymore. If I do, it will be AB recounting the days of BB.
So feel free to express your parting wishes to BB. For the folks, that prefer BB to AA or AB, I'm sorry he's leaving but he's got to go.

BB here. It looks as if I'm about to x'ed. It was nice meeting y'all and thanks for reading my escapades as PG 13 as they were. That AA dude won't let me go into details. My yansh ogling days are over and I'm no longer allowed to be random flirting with them fine fine ladies, oyinbo o, single o, married o. Hmmm, thinking back to those days ...
I carried a coup and kicked out AA but he's gotten reinforcements I can't battle. The dude is hooked on this chick like she's alcohol and I can't compete with that.
Once again, it has been a pleasure. Sayonara!!!