Thursday, September 24, 2009

Independence From What???

So Nigeria's independence is coming around the corner. Indy bash here and there. I don't usually like to discuss topics that center on how far the country has come but I'm in a mood for ranting and raving.

How many years since Nigeria's independence from the British rule? How many years and how much does the country have to show for it? This is by no means a political debate. This is actually stemming from a discussion I had with a friend here who claimed Naija is now on point and all.
Sony ran an ad for the new PS3 and they made a reference to the online scams from Nigeria and what not and my friend got fired up and started a drive to have Sony withdraw the ad.
See ad here: Sony PS3 Slim Ad
I thought the ad was funny and I had no issue with Sony running the ad. That was how the debate started on how we as young folks need to go back and fix things. Anyways, that discussion is for another day.

So what's going on with Nigeria? I've been away for 7 years so maybe I'm not current on the current affairs. People say it's better now, better roads, nice buildings, shopping malls, this and that. You know what I tell those folks??? Good but not enough!!!!

It doesn't matter if they have streets paved with marbles and skyscrapers touching the heavens. Until basic amenities can be provided without stress, to me; no major improvement has been made in Nigeria. Until you can pull into a gas station, pump gas yourself and drive off without queue or sweat as it should in an oil producing country, the change is not good enough.

Until NEPA or PHCN or whatever they go by now can provide 24/7 electricity, until you can reach for your phone, dial 911, 999, 111, 777 or whatever and have emergency services reach you in 10 minutes, until firefighters can actually save a house and ambulances can race to real hospitals and save lives, the change is not good enough.

I've heard the argument that America or any other developed nations didn't get to where they are now in 50 years and so we should wait. Wait for how long?? No doubt, the country has come a long way. Shooo, 12 years ago, there was no MTN and now I hear all sorts, Glo, Zain, MTN, tongolo. You haven't heard of Tongolo?? Oh my. Ask your recharge card vendor.

Education wise, the country is not right. I hear ASUU has been on strike for like 2 months now? Over what? Another demand of pay raise? Why would teachers who are supposed to be building the blocks for these students be the ones to break those blocks? I don't get it. The mentality is sooo backwards, it amazes me. My brother spent 7 years in college for a 5 year degree.

When I was in college in naija, I was lucky not to have everlasting strikes but I had my fair share of closures and alutas and what not. Another story for another day jare. Private schools are popping up here and there which is great. But then, what about the ones who can't afford to pay for these schools? Even those who went to those private schools and graduated on time, what are they doing?

It looks like everyone is in the banking industry now. No offense to anyone, please. I absolutely apologize if I step on anyone's toes but I find something wrong with someone with a BSc in Computer Science working as a bank teller or whatever the title is. Why would I go to school to learn how to write software and design them to now be working as a bank person. I know food engineers working as bankers. What's up with that? Why can't the system have adequate infrastructures in place to cater to this minds blazing with new ideas that can propel the country even further. I don't blame these young folks. I blame the system that put them in this situation.

Nigeria needs a purging. Greed and self worth is sooo deep with the folks in authority that they don't care what happens to the children coming up after them.
Don't get me wrong. I love my country. I was born Nigerian and no matter how many citizenship I get to hold, I won't deny that (except the country becomes one cuckoo country). I just need these people in power to wake the frack up.

Happy independence in advance. I wish the country more power and improvements but dang it Nigeria, it's high time you took care of your own people. All that oil money can light up the country.

Like I said, I was in the mood to rant and rave. Work stress is not helping. Again and again, this was not intended to offend anyone. I just wanted to say my piece on how the powers that be are robbing the people of their rights.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby, Come Back!!!

Wow blogsville. How've y'all been?? Dang, it's been a long time. I shouldn't have left y'all without a dope beat to step to. Okay, I'm not Aaliyah so enough of that.
My bad folks. I sincerely apologize from the deepest ventricle of my heart. Bumight, help me with that anatomy.

So what happened?? Work happened.
I finished school back in May and it was nice getting a second degree and all; no more homeworks or projects and stuff. But work kicked in high gear. This high profile project had me working late into the night and on weekends. I'm running from church to go log into work at home. I'm staying till midnight at work, my car being lonely in the parking lot. Work kicked my butt. It's still kicking it but I'm kicking it back; I'm not supposed to work myself to wahala. Which levels???

So what has been happening all these while?? I'll give a summary and then I'll go into details in subsequent posts.
  • Enigma got married!!! Believe that.
  • I bought a house, up and left my parents. Yay me!
  • My girlfriend says she wants to meet BB. Hmmm
  • Why am I thinking getting married more frequently now?
  • I can't think of anything else. I'm at work and I'm making myself take a break by force.
  • I'm trying to destress from all these work stress.
Obviously and apparently, I've deviated from listing what has been happening. Sorry.
I know a lot of you might have 'unrolled' me from your blogroll and I have to win you back.
Sorry; ndo; kpe; ma binu; merci; *insert native language for sorry here*.

I'm going to try and stay on track. I'll be upfront and let you know that I may not update as frequently as before but I will do my best not to be too distant anymore. See as I'm begging sef. Is blogsville that unforgiving? I think not.

So bumight, badderchic, Solomonsydelle, Ms O, shonavixen, naijababe, buttercup, charizard, aloted, just toluwa, doll, lady koko, funms, miz-cynic, MDM, sting, brown sugar, ibiluv, temite, wellsbaba, afrobabe, misslove, naijalines, *catches breath* whew.
Okay, I feel like I'm giving a speech and calling out folks.
For all those I missed, I got love for y'all. Oya come show me some!!!.

Yours in apology.

Yours In Apology

Dear blogosphere,
So I disappeared for 2 months, appeared with a post and disappeared for another 2 or so months.
Not a way to treat my blogsvile family. I thought about leaving blogsville but my girlfriend told me not to abandon my folks like that.

It's been a tough period. Not as in trying but as in my schedule. No more school (thinking about getting a second Masters though) but work has been a butt kicker.

I will return in coming days and update properly, bring you up to speed on what's been going on all these while.

Forget me not blogsville, for I shall return in due time.
I shall rise above my schedule and all that keeps me busy (except my girl) and I shall return.

Yours in apology