Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wha Gwan Mon???

Wow, it's been over 2 months since I last posted. I won't be surprised if some of y'all have dropped me from your blog list. I'm still here though. I used to come around and read blogs, post comments every now and then but whew, it's been a busy time for me. I haven't even been coming as frequently as I used to anymore.
I got love for y'all, the time just gets stolen away by the daily tasks.

This past month of May was an awesome month in many ways. It was really busy too but it was busy in a good way.
So have y'all been? I've been gone too long to just flow back into this mehn. Where is a good meme when you need one? Let's see how I can get my groove back. I may never do that but I'll try.

You would think I have more time on my hands now that I'm done with school. Yup, graduated last month with my Master's degree, getting my diploma in the mail next week. Honestly, if someone asks me what I'm going to do now or if I'm going to go for phD one more time, I will sue them.
What is it with people? What is their business with what I want to do now? If I want to chill and not do anything, my perogative dammit. Jeez, I have a stable job I'm trying to garner more experience on, leave me alone. People don't understand that in today's world education - experience = nothing. You need both, I have my education, lemme go get my experience and I'll decide when I have enough of that.

People, I am vexing o. Imagine, I graduated and 2 hours after graduation, this dude is preaching to me about going picking up a phD form in 2 days. What the frack? (to steal that from buttercup). Digression, my girlfriend and I enjoyed your post on facebook toasters b'cup and the phrase "what the frack?" has been copied a few times.

Okay, back on track. This dude was telling me my masters was nothing except I get hooded with a doctorate. I wanted to tell the guy "frack you" if not because he was the pastor that was invited to come pray at the after party. (You know naijas can't do without gele and ayefele).

My dad had to apologize later that he wasn't expecting the guy to say all that and he was pissed too. Geez, how about you give me credit for killing myself to get that done. The dude told me not to take calls from girls and focus on my phD for 5 years and then I can talk to girls. I was like 'this dude is clueless'.
1- I already have a girlfriend who's awesome inside and outside, all around so I don't need to be taking any calls from girls.
2- I have a life and I ain't putting that on hold for 5 year 'cause you said so. 5 years?? Gosh, I should be a married daddy in 5 years. What nonsense??

Personally, I don't give a frack about phD (okay I need to chill with this frack thing). Anyways, I just accepted his prayer and threw his advise away. He can save it for his kids.

Let me get back to work jare. That memory just boiled my blood. It feels good to be back. I can't say I'm back fully though, I still have some busy days/weeks ahead of me. I'll be back to share more May testimonies.

Babington, koova my thomka. (Coded sturvs, don't try to figure it out)