Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back and Better

So I've been incognito again. Not intentional, just circumstances haven't permitted me.

Thanks to Tigeress who let me know she could blog at work and since we're in the same field, I decided to try and guess what? I can blog too, yay! Don't expect me to be doing this often though.

So what have I been up to?
Well, I finished this semester and my grades were flying. I'm so proud of myself. Who knew all that hard work and typing thousands of words and pages of jargons could translate to super good grades. Why are there no honor colleges for graduate schools or am I just in the dark about them?

Work is going swell. Really busy but I'm working it. Somehow, I find myself being diligent, so diligent that I'm even working from home after getting home and on the weekends. I'm so proud of myself too. There's no overtime pay, I'm not hourly so all that extra is just extra but I'm diligent. Whatever.

I'm dry today. I think it's because I'm doing this from work. I'm trying to speed things up so I can get back to work like an ant or should I say busy bee.

Today is my birthday, fellow blogosians. I wasn't going to announce it but hey, I'm alive to thank Baba God so why not. How old am I? Aren't you a nosy person? If you know, you know, if not ... oops, lol.
Sagittarius rocks y'all.

So I've been going about not dating until whenever. I've been ranting about me enjoying and living up my single life but guess what? I re-met somebody. Yes, I said re-met because we met years ago and we just said hello hello. Our dads are friends but we never had any interaction till about a couple of months ago and we just hit it off.
I'm not going to go into any details beyond this for now.

I'll try and update more often. I'll try my best. I'm still going to be spaced out though. I'm still adjusting to having 12 hours of my day diverted for work alone and 6 diverted towards sleep and 6 for whatever.

I'll get in the groove though.
Thanks to those who already wished me a happy birthday in one way or the other (you know yourselves).

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Awakening

Fellow blogosians,
I've been a bad citizen of blogosphere. I literarily went invisible and invincible.
It was not intentional though. Some changes occured that got me tied down, good changes of course. I got busier , much busier, almost too busy for myself.
I won't go into details now but I decided that today, right now, this very moment, oh crap, my query died! Oops, I'm talking about work now. I was waiting for this query to finish running and the stupid thing died because some file was full? What kind of stupid error is that?
I digressed, pardon me.

Yes, as I was saying. I said right now, I will pause everything and update. In fact, I paused my mp3 that was crooning Etcetera in my ears. The guy was boring me anyways, lol.

Blogosians, I'm still here o. Please accept my apologetic apologies. I've been reading your blogs when I can, I just don't comment often because it's a long thing when you're using your phone. The phone is coming handy in updating now though.

Plenty stories. I will get into them one by one. I will update properly today (amen) from a pc when I get home tonight.

Thanks to all that asked after me and asked me to update. Like the terminator said, "I'll be back", hehehe