Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby, Come Back!!!

Wow blogsville. How've y'all been?? Dang, it's been a long time. I shouldn't have left y'all without a dope beat to step to. Okay, I'm not Aaliyah so enough of that.
My bad folks. I sincerely apologize from the deepest ventricle of my heart. Bumight, help me with that anatomy.

So what happened?? Work happened.
I finished school back in May and it was nice getting a second degree and all; no more homeworks or projects and stuff. But work kicked in high gear. This high profile project had me working late into the night and on weekends. I'm running from church to go log into work at home. I'm staying till midnight at work, my car being lonely in the parking lot. Work kicked my butt. It's still kicking it but I'm kicking it back; I'm not supposed to work myself to wahala. Which levels???

So what has been happening all these while?? I'll give a summary and then I'll go into details in subsequent posts.
  • Enigma got married!!! Believe that.
  • I bought a house, up and left my parents. Yay me!
  • My girlfriend says she wants to meet BB. Hmmm
  • Why am I thinking getting married more frequently now?
  • I can't think of anything else. I'm at work and I'm making myself take a break by force.
  • I'm trying to destress from all these work stress.
Obviously and apparently, I've deviated from listing what has been happening. Sorry.
I know a lot of you might have 'unrolled' me from your blogroll and I have to win you back.
Sorry; ndo; kpe; ma binu; merci; *insert native language for sorry here*.

I'm going to try and stay on track. I'll be upfront and let you know that I may not update as frequently as before but I will do my best not to be too distant anymore. See as I'm begging sef. Is blogsville that unforgiving? I think not.

So bumight, badderchic, Solomonsydelle, Ms O, shonavixen, naijababe, buttercup, charizard, aloted, just toluwa, doll, lady koko, funms, miz-cynic, MDM, sting, brown sugar, ibiluv, temite, wellsbaba, afrobabe, misslove, naijalines, *catches breath* whew.
Okay, I feel like I'm giving a speech and calling out folks.
For all those I missed, I got love for y'all. Oya come show me some!!!.

Yours in apology.


StandTall-The Activist said...

Nice blog. Congrats on your house. Hmmm hope your gf is thinking in line with you about marriage, so do it!

Your Gf wants to meet BB. I am not sure I know who that is.

Our very Enigma is married. That's good news!

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Kool blog...Just came across it but it seems you have been here for a while....welcome back tho!
PS: Congrats on your house..dats every man's dream

Invisible said...

@ Stand Tall. Thanks for coming back. You've been on my blog before right?
BB is another side of me that got 'evicted'. Read some of my much earlier posts for more.

@ Harry. Welcome. Thanks.

Buttercup said...

Eeya pele! Take it easy o. Why do I get the feeling that you won't update till next year? Not that I don't believe in you, but Aww congrats to Enigma :). I guess we'll be hearing bout yours soon, this one that you've been thinking of marriage. Lol @ wifey wanting to meet BB! DO NOT INTRODUCE THEM, BB IS EVIL! Lol..

Buttercup said...

Oh, welcome back btw..

Buttercup said...

Oh, and congrats on your house! Wow, you did it!

funkola said...

i'm sure my disappearing act is worse than yours. i'm also tryna stage a comeback, hope it works. anyhoos, good to read from u again.

StandTall-The Activist said...

I have being trying to remember if I have being here b4. Well, if I catch up on your old posts, I will remember

Tisha said...

say congrats to enigma for me
congrats on ur house

do get married soon as you are ready. are you back in naija?
something tells me you are!

Invisible said...

@ buttercup. That feeling you are getting is a lie. WHAT?? You think BB is evil?? I liked BB though, it was fun while it lasted. lol. Thanks and thanks.

@funkola, maybe we should form disappearers anonymous, lol. I'm sure blogsville will warm up to us again.

@stand tall. If you're new to my blog, welcome, if you're not, welcome back. lol. Oya go and catch up on me.

@Tisha, you knew when Enigma got married? Thanks on the house and what makes you think I'm ready for marriage? lol. Back in naija? Nah, I'm still 7000 miles away o.

wellsbaba said...

omo nice to be back ooooo you r not the only blogger to be AWOL on blogville all...all of a sudden it became a generic our set of bloggers just got disinterested,busy or something... so much as happened since we left oo we can't catch up. like i alwais say let us jump the queue and just continue where they are now lol

NaijaBabe said...

Hey...welcome back.

Congrats on the new place o and you ask why you are thinking of marriage ever so often?
O serious!

Yeah Enigma told us he got married. Please do sharp jo, why are u wasting time?

Invisible said...

@ wellsbaba, na so. I like that - jump the queue and continue.

@ naijababe, thanks. House and wedding thoughts... I guess.
Why am I wasting time? I'm waiting for Enigma to start popping kids, lol.

MissBalance said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyy! Good to have ypou back. I think we're all guilty of deserting blogville once in a while. I just couldnt take ur blog off my feed thingy, hoping it'll show sumn new shortly :) Got ur back.
Miss Balance (formerly/also known as Brown Sugar)

Ms.O said...

aww yay!! I missed you!!!!! better come back to regular blogging! So happy for Enigma too! Congrats on the house and graduation!

exschoolnerd said...

i dont have any love for u oh..cause my name was missing..mcheeeeeeeeew!!!!

welcome back sha!

Invisible said...

@ Miss Balance/brown sugar. Thanks for having my back. I'm going to try and hang on this time.

@ Miss O, thanks. I will tr my best to be regular.

@ XSN, OMG!!! How dare I forget you? for where? say wetin? It was a slip of finger on the keyboard and my brain was tired. Ma binu.

Enkay said...

Congrats on your new house.

First time here!

Nice blog.

sunnyside said...

Just came across ur blog . Nice place. .thinking abt marriage eh. I think its a really gud thing. Hope it has to do wit ur gf lol

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Dear!!!
Congrats on your degree!

Invisible said...

@ enkay, thanks for stopping by.

@ sunnyside, thanks. It definitely has to do with my gf, lol.

@ temite, thank you. Don't be a stranger now.

aloted said...

u came back! while i was away to have a

welcome back...i see u havent updated in a come back :)

myheartlongsthesea said...

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