Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is This It???

Blogosians!!! You'll have to forgive me. I've been MIA big time. Well, not totally. I've been away but I've been here. How can I be here and not here??? I'm invisible, I'm where you don't see me. hehehe.
I've not been here because I've not been updating as I would love to and I've not been reading posts or commenting but I've been here because I've been reading posts and leaving comments when I can. This is a long thing, I'm beginning to confuse myself sef.

So why have I been MIA?? Folks, it's been busy. This is the last semester of my Masters program (whoot! whoot!!), graduation's in 5 weeks. With that comes the work of school. Projects, assignments, homeworks, quizzes, exams, all of it. I'm taking full time classes so you can multiply all that work as many times as you want.

I've also been working full time. Yup, doing the 8-5 also. Imagine waking up at 6am, driving an hour to get to work, working 8 hours (make it 9 hours plus lunch) then drive an hour to school, listen to a lecture for 4 hours then drive 30 minutes home. Yeah, when I get home, I just want to get food (if it's not too late) and talk to girlfi and sleep.
It's so crazy that I have to take my school work to work and work on my lunch break and sometimes in between work (I hope folks from work don't read this) and still with all that time, I can't complete the homework.
This is the semester that I might get the worst grade since I started my graduate classes a year ago but I don't care, I just want to be done.

So blogsville, if I've been MIA, forgive me. It looks like I've been whining but it is what it is. I read blogs to relax, get a laugh and chill but not enough time to comment or update.
Sorry to all the folks whose request for updates I kinda ignored. It wasn't on purpose and sorry to all my blogosians I haven't been in touch with.

So what's with the blog title???
I'm wondering o. Have I lost the blogging thing?? I don't think I'll have that much time after graduation to be updating either. Work alone and traffic is enough to take all my time.
I thought about blogging once in a while but I don't want to be like Enigma (oh oh). If I want to update, I want to update on a consistent level not once in 4 months but it's either that or I bow out before I lose my lustre or whatever's left of it.
By the way, I'm also being a full time boyfriend and I can't put that aside either.
I guess we'll see what happens.

Una welldone o. I wasn't nominated for any naija blogger's award!!! Not even for disappearing act??? Maybe I should work on my disappearing for next year!


Tigeress said...


Tigeress said...

dude when did u post this. I spoke to u yesterday and u said nothing.

going to read. :)

Invisible said...

I wrote it yesterday but I didn't post it till like an hour ago.
It shows the date the draft was started, stupid blogger

Tigeress said...

FT bf. give us more gist mehn!

So is this it for you? I know we should not be expecting to hear much from Enigma- i hope that wont be the case with you.

ibiluv said...

so wetin you decide??

to blog more or not to blog????

na lasgidi you dey???

all this talk about traffic......

NaijaBabe said... awards, maybe if you updated a bit more...dont worry, Im just about the same too.
Well done on your masters o...almost there. Pele, it'll be over soon

Buttercup said...

awww he's alive.. :D

eeya pele o..5 more weeks..u'll be fine!

howz girlfi???

u really dont have to bow out jo..

cerberus said...

Congrats on the Masters, i know the hustle you're feeling right now.

You don't have to bow out of blogsville, you can just stay well, invisible.

wellsbaba said...

pele...we undastand o jare takia


congrats on the upcoming graduation.

Thi na your curtain call? I hope not.

Just...Toluwa said...

hey, thk God u r back! cingrats on school..hope u update frequently when all dts over!

cerberus said...

*Bark* consider yourself harassed with the honest crap award.

Invisible said...

@ Tigress, I be ft bf o and loving it :-) Enigma??? Clueless but I'll try not to go AWOL though.

@ Ibiluv, I think I'll stay part time. Can't just leave tall like that. I'm kuku not in gidi o but when you work like 70km away and you drive through downtown in rush hour, traffic is the norm.

@ naija babe, thanks jare. Better nominate me next time.

@ b'cup, thankies. Girlfi is doing great. You nko? How boyfi, LOL

@ Cerberus, thanks. Staying invisible sounds like a good plan. By the way, ??? on your second comment.

@ wells baba, e no easy but God dey.

@ solomonsydelle, I doubt this will be my curtain call. My appearances will just be limited.

@ JT, hopefully I'll have more time when it's over o. How's GA?

Funms-the rebirth said...

good to know ur almost done... congrats.......

Bibi said...

you just might make that disappearing act next year o!

funkola said...

lmao, if there was such a category, i'll mos likely beat u to it. all d best with d exams.

Lady Koko said...

gees......I TOTALLY FEEL UR PAIN.....sigh...kisses to enigma..i miss dat dude mehnn!!!!!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

now I see you
now I dont
peek a boo
I see u !!!!!
Glad to have you back
even if it might be for a fleeting minute

MissLove said...


MissLove said...

pls invite me to the blog since every one is going private now! I would soon vex and go private so I can share my life too hehhe


congrats! by now you should be closer to graduating shebi?

Invisible said...

@ funms, thanks a lot.
@ bibi, I just might, LOL
@ funkola, LOL. Thanks.
@ lady koko, it's very painful o
@ mdm, always good to be back. Thanks.
@ miss love, I'm very much alive and I'm not going private.
@ Solomon, yes o, 3 more weeks. Can't wait.

Tisha said...

blog already and invite me to ur unead diary pls